The Anglican Parish of Upham

Below is a list of our new vestry members and wardens

For  2017
Venerable Robert Marsh Priest in Charge    650-2063
Rev Brenda Fowler Deacon                                      832-1851
Wardens:   Philip Sherwood              832-7463
                     Maryann Kellar             943-4468
Vestry Clerk:  Eileen McAndrews    696-4373
Treasurer:      Kim Rodgers               832-5810
Envelopes:    Donna Belyea                832-5946

Vestry Members:
Jason Allaby                                       832-7218
Lynne Allaby                                      832-7353
Elizabeth Bech                                   832-7089
Bud Belyea                                         832-5946
Jill Scott Emery                                 832-7003
Les Kilpatrick                                    832-7264
Jennifer Moore                                  832-7815
Joanna Saunders                               832-5787
Krista Saunders                                832-7127

Youth Member: Conner Carson        832-4983

ACW:      President: Peggy Pollock

Music:   Donna Belyea          832-5946

Altar Guild for St. Peter's Anglican Church:   Lynne Allaby      832-7353
Parish Communications: Wanda Allaby    832-4336

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