The Anglican Parish of Upham


There is a donation jar at the back of the Church that you can put your pennies, rolled or unrolled in.
Our weekly tube money that is collected each
Sunday is given to the following organizations:

January                             Hampton High School Hot Lunch (121.05)
February/March             Send Kids to Camp (220.55)    
April                                  Hampton High School Hot Lunch (167.22)
May and June                 Food Bank  (258.96)
July and August             Rev'd Canon Paul Jefferies Mission (256.74)
September/October     Council of the North   (293.73)
November                       Safe Harbour
December                        PWRDF
Working together we can make things happen!!!  GOD IS GOOD!!!Image result for Mission Work

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Call Wanda Allaby 832-4336 or
email me at

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Parish Blogg please feel free to contact
me either by telephone or email.
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